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Sep 9, 2014

Oy…I am this close to giving in and ordering the Everlane Silk Point Collar shirt. (Everlane invite link here.) Today I wore the H&M polyester white blouse that has been my go-to for four years and was struck by how dingy and sloppy it looked (the stitching hasn’t held, and it’s gotten worn to the point that it now looks cheap instead of slouchy-chic). I think it’s finally time to replace it.

I know I post a lot of Everlane on here—I promise I’m not a shill (if I was, I’d actually have their stuff). It’s just that I don’t have the budget for Equipment, Isabel Marant, etc. and Everlane’s pricing makes it actually feasible for me to get my hands on decent quality stuff.

I also know all the tops I post are white. I’m boring classic, get over it.

Item: Everlane Silk Point Collar
Source: Everlane (invite link)
Price: $78

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Aug 15, 2014

Okay honestly this is not something I wanted to share because I’m so in love with these boots I’m a little afraid of other people liking and buying them and them selling out…selfish much?

These Kate Spade Lanise boots have been haunting my daydreams ever since I ran across them. I love a straightforward ankle boot with a classic stacked heel, and I have a serious weakness for a well-placed bow. The bow on this boot, I think, adds a touch of girlish whimsy without messing with the minimalist lines. 

This brings me to one of my casual opinions about minimalism in style—a lot of people think of “minimalism” as a no-nonsense type of thing. Only clean lines, only solid colors, etc. etc.

I like to think of minimalism as more of a philosophy: saying what you want to say in as few words (or items, or ornaments) as possible. The bow on the back of this boot, in my eyes, says the same thing as a frilly blouse and pink tulle skirt, but in a much more elegant and versatile way. And I don’t think minimalism and quirkiness are mutually exclusive.

Lots of thoughts for a boot, I know. I’m waiting (or rather, cyber-sale-stalking) for the price on these boots to drop; right now they’re a hefty $350, but I’m hoping to scoop them up at a lower price point.

Item: Kate Spade “Lanise” Boot
Source: Amazon or Kate Spade 
[Amazon has the boot in a dark brown or black; Kate Spade’s website has it in black or stone, shown above]
Price: $350

Spotted this Kate Spade bangle while browsing the “surprise” sale. I’m not usually a bracelet person, but this is seriously cute. (And it’s one of those pieces that works whether you’re wearing a tee or LBD.)
P.S. Right now it’s only $29.
Aug 13, 2014

Spotted this Kate Spade bangle while browsing the “surprise” sale. I’m not usually a bracelet person, but this is seriously cute. (And it’s one of those pieces that works whether you’re wearing a tee or LBD.)

P.S. Right now it’s only $29.

Aug 8, 2014

Sale PSA: $20 Bras at Aerie

Deal alert—right now all bras are $20 at Aerie. The most I’ve ever seen Aerie go on sale is 40%, so this is a fantastic deal if you scoop up the regularly $45-$50 bras. 

I don’t know how long the sale lasts, but I already ordered two utilitarian bras—the Nina racerback in buff and the Drew in black. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Drew, but Aerie offers free returns, so I’m not too worried if it doesn’t work out. A year or two ago I picked up the Ella Gel in dark nude (pictured above) and it’s been a great workhorse. 

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Review: Everlane V-Neck Tee

I’m a fan of Everlane. I love their philosophy (ethically made quality products with transparent pricing) and I love their aesthetic. 

I’m kind of “meh” on their V-neck tee.

Hear me out. I got two Everlane tees about two years ago; one in black and one in white, both in XS. The cotton is soft and crisp and they are comfy, dependable basics. I wear both on a regular basis.

However, I have two problems with the tees I got.

1) The white tee I got developed some pin-size holes about a year in. I have never stuck anything through my shirts, I wash them in mesh bags on the delicates cycle with minimal detergent, and I only air-dry—never machine-dry!—my clothes. Since Everlane’s tee is supposed to be a high-quality basic, I expected it to stand up for at least a few years, especially with the TLC I give my clothes.

2) Look at this photo:

Okay, IGNORE the horrible pit stains. I’m going to get around to gently-but-thoroughly cleaning them out. Do you see how the V of the neckline is off-center, and the seam on the side is askew?

Here’s the same photo with arrows pointing to the problem spots.

You may not believe it, but my shirts actually came like that. (The black one has the same issues, but they don’t show up in photos as well.) When I first got them, I laid the shirts out and was surprised that the side seams on both were askew, and was concerned enough to consider contacting Everlane. But since both colors were like that I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe they knew what they were doing.

The asymmetry has just gotten more on my nerves for the past couple of months, to the point that I’m thinking of retiring these tees early. When I wear the white tee, the misshapen neckline is painfully obvious.

That being said, I’m not going to give up on Everlane yet. I’m planning on getting around to picking up one of the Ryan tees, since I’ve heard really great things about them, and I personally like the drape of the Ryan better. 

Source: Everlane (invite link)
Style: The Cotton V
Price: $15

This is a 100% honest review.

Jul 8, 2014

Sale PSA

I know it’s a little early to be looking at sweaters, but right now you can stock up on some fall staples at the Gap.

Most of their Luxlight sweaters are on sale for $9.99, and there is currently a limited-time promotion code for 30% off (code: TREAT), so you could get these sweaters for $6.99 each.

Material is 70% cotton, 20% nylon, and 10% silk. Sweaters can be found here.

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If you (style-minded, minimalist-loving reader) have a few minutes of time and a working brain, go read this wonderful post by Amanda of Assembled Haphazardly.

I too have fallen for the phenomenon of snobbishly “curating” my life (after all, that’s why this blog exists) and it’s good to have someone out there calling us out for the pretentious navel-gazers we often let ourselves become.

Bonus: the comments are also well-worth a read.

LUXIRARE is aesthetic perfection.
Jun 24, 2014 / 2 notes
Jun 5, 2014

Out-of-the-box shoe review: Sam Edelman Trina (Natural)

Well, just like I threatened to, I got the Sam Edelman Trinas, which arrived today. Here is my initial impression, illustrated by copious photos. (Will probably post a follow-up review once I’ve worn these for hours.)

As you can tell, I got the Trinas in “Natural.” I had been unsure whether to get black or “whiskey” (a medium tan-brown) instead, but the boyfriend offered the opinion that black was too visually heavy and whiskey was a little too mature for me. Of course, the nice solution would have been to just get all three, but I live in a world where I’m on a budget, so natural it was.

The Trina is a good-looking shoe. I’m a little wary about how the gold heel is going to wear—something tells me it’s a film that might get scraped off easily. Honestly I would have preferred a classic stacked heel, for both visual and structural reasons, but that would probably have driven the price up.

The leather is relatively good quality: not too flimsy, and it smelled pretty good. I had a few issues, though, which are probably a result of less-than-stellar quality control.

Issue the first: the right shoe already had a stitch coming out. The left shoe was perfectly fine. I think the stitching is cosmetic so I’m not worried about the shoe falling apart, so I’ll probably poke the end of the thread back with a needle. Still, it irked me that a mid-range designer sandal had sloppy craftsmanship.

Issue the second: the toe strap on the right shoe was oddly discolored in places. I rubbed at the spots with my finger and they didn’t wear off, so I’m going to carefully take some leather cleaner/conditioner to the strap later. Again, irked at the apparent lack of quality control.

Onto a positive note:

If you look at the picture, there is a little leather panel behind the buckle, so the buckle is not rubbing against your bare ankle! I LOVE THIS. A+

And for your personal edification, photos of the sandals on, since I hate reading reviews where I don’t get to see what the shoe looks like on an actual foot or legs:

Pardon the ill-fitting shorts; my good shorts were in the laundry. The Trinas are flattering (I think so) and visually ride the line between utilitarianism and style, which is kind of my thing. 

The sandals are wonderfully stable and comfortable; the true test is how they feel after several hours, though, so I’ll hold off on making any blanket statements about the long-wearing comfort. 

Fit is spot on; I bought my usual size, 6.5, and these were neither too big nor small. Width was great, though if you have wide feet they might be a narrow fit. 

Finally, a shopping tip: the Sam Edelman Trina is a consistent $99 + tax everywhere you go, but it’s significantly cheaper on Amazon. Depending on the color, you can get it from $54 (!) to $82

Brand: Sam Edelman
Style: Trina
Color: Natural
Source: Amazon
Price: $54-$82 ($99 everywhere else)

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